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Whether you are preparing to sell your home, downsizing, experiencing a big life change, or just needing some additional room, Packed House Self Storage has the extra space and exceptional service you need. Our clean, secure, state-of-the-art facilities are designed to make your moving process as pleasant and painless as possible. Not sure where to start? Our experienced staff will take the time to understand your needs and find a solution that works for you.

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8901 S Sunnylane Rd
South Sunnylane Road Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73135

Ideally located in the heart of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

8901 S Sunnylane Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73135

Packed House Self Storage is located on the corner of 89th and Sunnylane, just 3 minutes away from Bryant Elementary and Museum of Osteology. Packed House Self Storage serves Southeast Oaklahoma City, and surrounding communities. Whether you are needing short-term storage while in between homes, long-term storage, or commercial storage for business items, we have a storage unit for your particular needs. Contact us today to see what set us apart.